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      CPhI& P-MEC China 2020|迦南科技:以客戶為中心,堅持為客戶創造價值
      2020-12-22 20:08:18

       CPhI&P-MEC China 2020丨Canaan: customer-oriented, adhere to create value for customers


            第二十屆世界制藥原料中國展暨第十五屆世界制藥機械、包裝設備與材料中國展(CPhI& P-MEC China 2020)于12月16日至12月18日在上海新國際博覽中心隆重召開。


            The 20th world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition and the 15th world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition (CPhI& P-MEC China 2020) were held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Dec. 16th to 18th. 

            As a world-famous one-stop vertical trade and exchange event for the pharmaceutical industry, the exhibition provides rich opportunities for exchange and cooperation for many professional audiences at home and abroad.





            Canaan and its subsidiaries fully participated in the exhibition, and presented new products such as OEB5 high containment granulation line, high containment coater, high containment capsule filling machine, hot melt extruder, purified water generator, high-speed tablet compression machine, double discharge tablet compression machine and other new products, which attracted many customers’ attention.








            Affected by the global epidemic, many overseas customers failed to visit the exhibition on site. Therefore, Canaan specially arranged on-line exhibition through live show for the three days. 

            Based on the on-site equipment, Canaan introduced in detail the OEB5 high containment granulation line, high containment coater, high containment capsule filling machine, purified water generator, high-speed double discharge tablet compression machine, etc. through the interaction between the host and the engineer, customers can find it refreshing; even if they cannot attend the exhibition on site, they can also know about Canaan latest products and technology. 

            Customers who fail to watch the live show due to time difference can also log in to the live broadcast platform for playback. At present, the most popular video has got thousands of hits, the attention is far more than expected!




            迦南將以“工業4.0” 和“中國制造2025”戰略為目標,持續專注健康價值,以提升制藥工藝水平、推動產業升級為已任,致力于為客戶提供專業的一站式服務,努力成為國際一流的制藥裝備產業集團。

            With the "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025" strategy as the goal, Canaan will continue to focus on health value, enhance pharmaceutical technology level and promote the industry upgrading. Canaan is committed to providing customers with professional one-stop service and striving to become an international first-class pharmaceutical equipment industry group.




            In the coming days, Canaan will use various media and networks to pass the company's products and ideas to customers around the world, so that more customers can know Canaan, trust Canaan and choose Canaan!


            You are welcome to follow Canaan's social media accounts and know about the latest developments of Canaan.







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